Our POS systems designed to enable prompt customer service and enhance loyalty through interactive customer engagement.

Selecting a new POS system is a business critical decision. Choosing the right system will improve customer service and reduce your cost of ownership over many years.

Peace of mind

The Box ranges of POS systems are designed to deliver performance with long term availability and reliability so you can enjoy low cost of ownership.

Ease of use

To enable your staff to process transactions quickly and deliver better customer service, your chosen POS system need to be initiative and easy to use. All of our systems have bright, crisp, easy to read touch screen displays.


All of our POS systems utilise the latest Intel processors, delivering the power you need to cope with today’s consumer demands and ensuring staff efficiency.


The physical space of your in-store environment is valuable, so all of our POS systems are designed to be compact with a small footprint.

Increase customer engagement

Our fixed, hybrid and mobile POS solutions are designed to enhance your customer engagement in-store, helping you to improve customer loyalty and drive increased sales.


Compact footprint

Designed to maximise the space available in your in-store environment

Elegant design

Complementary of your in-store aesthetics

High performance

Highly responsive and powerful, easily coping with demanding store environments


Future-proofed by enabling you to make quick and easy upgrades

Highly connected

Comprehensive peripheral connectivity, including scanners and printers


Wide range of POS solutions including mobile and hybrid POS systems


The thing that most impressed us about Box Technologies’ range of products was their versatility and robustness. As a large, market-leading agricultural and rural retailer deploying cutting-edge technology to deliver excellence to our customers, we find that the Cielo devices are a perfect fit for us.

Mole Valley Farmers