Technology is in our DNA

We live and breathe technology. And we’re more than just innovators and designers, we’re hardware manufacturers and software developers too. So from our in-house teams to our top level industry partnerships, we’re perfectly placed to give you market leading, cutting edge solutions that will meet – and exceed – your brief.

Tailored solutions

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all at Boxtec. We know it doesn’t deliver the value and performance you need. We invite you to collaborate with us to challenge assumptions and explore ideas to discover and refine the best possible solutions.

Whether we’re upgrading systems, swapping out motherboards or tailoring core connectivity, we have the tools, skills and experience to satisfy and even surpass your technical requirements.

The importance of peripherals

We have over three decades’ experience working across transactional, automation, customer experience and productivity platforms, and we’ve forged strong partnerships with the leading peripheral providers in these spaces. We’re always aware of the bigger picture and the success of the overall solution – the peripheral ecosystem can play a vital part in making sure our core products or software platforms will deliver the benefits you expect and need. Our peripheral expertise is broad and deep – it includes payments, scanning, RFID/Contactless, Mobility, printing, weighing, biometrics and much more.

Innovative product development

New market product development is an exciting and rewarding journey to take. We bring the sum total of our experience, technical capability and global resources to the process to successfully deliver everything from experimental innovation to mass scale device rollouts.

Our 8-step design methodology process

  • Customer Requirements
  • Product & Market research
  • Concept Sketches
  • 3D Visual Modelling
  • Concept Refinement & Selection
  • Detail CAD design (DFM)
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Custom Low level software – Firmware, Drivers & Bios

Our in-house team of low level software engineers gives us the ability to support you when you’re integrating technology into your infrastructure. Looking for a custom BIOS version unique to your requirements? Or tailored device drivers and firmware for optimised management and environmental fine tuning? We’ve got it covered. We also support our solution partners when they’re integrating our technology with their software platforms.

Your Gold build

Our team of Gold build experts can collaborate closely with you to design a unified out of the box experience. We take base level operating systems from Microsoft, Linux and Android and tailor them to your exact business requirements. This can include adding low and high level code to the base build and adding your specific deployment prerequisites.

Operating System agnostic

We’re operating system agnostic – our technology stack includes solutions from Microsoft, Linux, Android and iOS. This independence means we can advise you on which OS is best for your project needs – making sure commercial and technology benefits are always aligned.

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