Our rugged yet lightweight mobile tablet systems are perfect for even the most demanding of transactional environments. Diverse connectivity options and a rich interfaces ensure complete flexibility to your requirements.

We know how important flexibility is in transactional environments, so we’ve designed our mobile tablet range to be compatible with both Windows and Android, with a lightweight yet rugged structure, and with a wide selection of optional peripherals.

Freedom of movement

Our revolutionary docking stations also offer 360-degree rotation and full tilt flexibility for enhanced customer and staff engagement.

Well protected

We also understand how crucial security is too, so we have built our mobile solutions with advanced locking and biometric identification features
 in mind.

Get connected

Connectivity is also of paramount importance to our mobile design, whether that relates to the long-range dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC/RFID read and write capabilities of our tablets, or the diverse peripheral connectivity of our docking stations.

Cost effective

Increasing productivity with new and pre-existing technologies

Fast checkout

Increased transaction speed enabling staff to serve more customers

Increase Sales

Easy to use systems, reductions in training and serving time

Increase engagement

Mobile tablet systems encourage staff to spend more time with customers

Superb service

Mobile clientelling for ordering out of stock items or for basket population pre-checkout

Targeted loyalty

Easy customer sign up to personalised loyalty programs


"The Box Move has given us a massive advantage in terms of smaller footprint and ease-of-use. It is a really effective solution, helping to reduce queuing time. The installation was achieved to a high level and working with Box has been a pleasure. This equipment is not just for Christmas, we are looking forward to exploring the benefits it will bring us all year round.”