Product: Box POS350

Box POS350

Robust and versatile point of sale for retail and hospitality applications.

The Box POS350 is designed with the needs of both retail and hospitality point of sale applications in mind. Its durable aluminium chassis, water resistant construction and optional secure counter-mounting bracket combine to deliver a highly robust and versatile POS system with appealing aesthetics.

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Bringing together Intel’s efficient, fanless processors (J1900 and i5 variants available) with a bright 15.1” P-CAP touch screen, the Box POS350 delivers a highly responsive user experience. Further, broad peripheral connectivity through an extensive I/O interface, combined with a range of optional integrated peripherals, ensure maximum functionality at all times.

The ability to communicate visually impactful promotions, offers and special events to customers is enabled by two specifically designed secondary screen options. Both the 8.4” and 10.1” high clarity, bright displays are designed to seamlessly mount onto the main unit and maintain its elegant aesthetics. The touch screen options for the secondary displays allow for customer interaction to drive customer engagement and feedback during a transaction.

The Box POS350 also offers a unique, integrated 1D/2D scanner option that replaces the traditional ‘top-cap’ section of the unit, ensuring the scanner is conveniently located for both customer and staff access – ideal for enabling loyalty schemes and promotions.

All of the above features are complemented by broad Windows compatibility – including Windows 7, POSReady 7, Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry, Windows 10 IoT – enabling the Box POS350 to support a wide range of software requirements.

The Box POS350 is now covered by our 5 Year Product Warranty as standard, with the option to include 5 Years Inclusive Maintenance. For more information click here.

  • Ideal for retail and hospitality environments
  • Optional, secure counter-mount kit
  • Integrated 1D/2D scanner ‘top-cap’ option
  • Water resistant screen and chassis
  • Built-in drainage points for added resilience
  • Multiple integrated secondary display options
  • Comprehensive I/O connectivity
  • PSU embedded in stand
  • Range of integrated peripherals available – including MSR, iButton & Fingerprint (attachable to either side of the system)