Pizza Hut Restaurants needed to upgrade its hardware as much of the equipment used every day was between five and eight years old. As an experienced operator priding itself on quick and efficient service, Pizza Hut Restaurants relies heavily on its IT systems to support chefs and kitchen staff, providing meals for restaurant and takeaway customers. The company wanted to enhance customer engagement by installing more flexible technology that would support its existing software, and improve on its outdated solution.


After a recommendation from another restaurant chain, Pizza Hut Restaurants tasked Box Technologies with devising an innovative retail technology solution. Following a rigorous series of tests, which included pilot trials at two restaurants, Box solutions were selected as the ideal answer to upgrade the company’s kitchen and front-of-house operations. The kitchen screens display orders to chefs and synchronise the cooking of dishes, and those for takeaway orders are used either at the front of the restaurant or from a dedicated takeaway window, and are enabled to take payments.


Over 160 restaurants now have Box systems in their kitchen areas, while 250 are using them front of house. With the Box systems proving to be highly adaptable and efficient retail solutions, Pizza Hut Restaurants has decided on a nationwide rollout and will introduce them into the kitchens of all its UK stores. The company is also considering installing other Box products in its restaurants.

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“Our people, capabilities and customer service are at the heart of our business plan and the new technology from Box Technologies will help drive this. Cielo systems are now at the heart of our kitchen operations and have proved highly practical, carrying twice the amount of information compared to our previous screens. The rollout has also been very easy. Staff have responded well to the new systems and we are very pleased. For front-of-house use, the Cielo systems are a proven success that will give us the flexibility to consider their use for a broader range of applications. Box Technologies has certainly provided us with technology that boosts our capacity to give customers the best experience possible.”

Will Broome, Head of Business Systems at Pizza Hut Restaurants