You can find BOXTEC’s top-tier technology solutions improving engagement, delivering information or simply making lives easier in a whole host of locations: from retail stores to restaurant chains, operating theatres to factory floors and beyond. Whatever your market, we can help.

Your full solution provider

What good is a great solution if you have to find someone else to make, deliver, install and support it? That’s where we come in. From start to finish, we give you the full solution – consultancy, planning, project management, hardware, software, installation, support and more. We’ve got it all covered.

Flytech – the global technology provider

We’re a proud part of the Flytech Technology Group – a Taiwan-based global manufacturing and software provider established in 1984. Flytech are listed on the TW stock exchange and have a market capital of $350 million. Being part of Flytech gives us the stability, flexibility and scale to take on projects of any size and scope.

The Group consists of BOXTEC, Berry AI (Computer Vision AI), INEFI (UEM software) and the parent company Flytech Holdings. Each company is committed to working with the others to drive market-leading innovation, share knowledge and provide the best global and local market solutions.

Tried and tested

We’re specialists and problem solvers with a reputation for quality, innovation and flexibility. Which is why we’re trusted by global brands.

Our secret? We listen

Your business is unique. We start every project with a deep dive into your specific needs and goals – no assumptions, no one-size-fits-all. Once armed with this understanding, we can bring years of proven industry experience into play to develop hardware, software and service solutions that meet your challenges head on.

Innovative to the core

We don’t follow market trends, we make them. You’ll get solutions that set new standards – developed, refined and tailored by our in-house research & development and delivered by experts who are committed to a culture of innovation and excellence.

Hardware made by experts

BOXTEC gives you best in class hardware specially developed to meet all transactional, automation, customer experience and point of service uses. This line-up is backed by a dedicated team of expert consultants providing specialist professional services to help you integrate our technology into your day to day operations.

Taking software to the next level

Our device platforms are powered by products from the biggest names in software: Microsoft, Android and Linux. We’ve then built on this foundation to take device management to the next level with INEFI, our industry-leading Unified Endpoint Management system. With this innovation, we can deliver SMART Remote Management and future service models to any device, anywhere.

And our specialist digital team has content covered for you with our cloud-based CMS. Centralised updates and market-leading integrations give you the future of on-location personalisation, interactivity and content delivery right now.

We’ve got your back

You never have to worry when dealing with Boxtec. The best technical support in the industry is built into every stage of our process – from collaborative pre-sales work all the way through to on-site maintenance. Our friendly and helpful team will work with you to define service levels and expectations, so you’ll always know where you stand.

Services managed by specialists

From motherboard design to pan-European rollouts, we manage every part of the supply chain for you. Our in-house specialists include field services engineers and industry managed service professionals who will look after every link in the chain.


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