A revolutionary approach

The fourth industrial revolution is a paradigm shift we’re proud to be a part of. We’re at the forefront of the revolution, with over 30 years’ experience transformative technology to manufacturing facilities, logistics hubs, production lines and operation centres. 

You’ll get incredible value with BOXTEC. We can help you make the switch to automation, streamline your manufacturing processes with digital innovation and improve your uptime – all while driving operational efficiency savings to your bottom line and future proofing your technology investments.

Proven performance

Our devices are made for Industry 4.0 – and we’ve tailored our professional services and after sales support to meet your specific needs. That’s why we’re trusted by the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, legendary British car maker Lotus and a wide variety of large retail distribution centres.

We are committed to providing quality, innovation and reliability across our entire range of solutions. And we’re always ready with expert advice and project management – so whether you need rugged mobility solutions, RFID enablement, label printing, IOT edge controllers, Industrial panel PCs (IPCs) or digital signage, our team of professional service experts will make sure it’ll seamlessly integrate into your business, while managing every aspect of planning, delivery and support.

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