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No other sector has such strict compliance and certification requirements – for good reason. We care about protecting patients and healthcare workers as much as you do.

That’s why we’ve developed specialist products and services for hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, care homes and pharmacies.

We can give you unrivalled value in a healthcare setting. From improving the patient care and welfare experience through digital transformation to protecting device uptime, increasing efficiency and future proofing investment, we have the specialist knowledge, accreditations and capabilities to deliver.

The right credentials

An impeccable track record is vital in healthcare. 

We’ve tailored specialist devices, services and after sales support to a network of NHS trusts, Phoenix Medical Group, Lloyds Pharmacies and are trusted by some of the leading healthcare software solution providers.

Backed by our commitment to quality, innovation and high reliability, we offer a range ofhealthcare solutions, including patient check in, medical computer on wheels (CALs), digital signage, pharmacy POS, critical care PCs and hospital work stations. Our team of professional service experts are on hand in every project to offer expert advice and make sure your chosen solution will seamlessly integrate into your business, as well as managing every aspect of planning, delivery and support.

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