Ahead of Shoppercentric’s report launch next week: ‘WindowsON Point of Sale’, MD, Danielle Pinnington, gives us a sneak preview of the impact digital technologies are having on today’s shoppers and what’s coming next.

UK retail is in a period of rapid change and as such, all manner of traditional retailing approaches are being called in to question. This is the context in which PoS now has to operate and although it can seem such an easy tool to grab from the shopper marketing toolkit, the fact is retail environments have become so awash with these types of promotions it can be hard to even see the products on the shelf.

When discussing the role of PoS in store it would be foolhardy to ignore the potential impact of digital developments. Digital has the potential to create a step change in our retail spaces, but is still in its infancy, so we asked 88 business respondents (food and drink brands and design agencies involved in the commissioning or design of PoS) which new technologies they felt would be most impactful on campaign effectiveness and customer engagement in the future.

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