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Technical Support

As a business partner with our customers, once we have installed new projects and solutions, there can be a requirement for ongoing support. As a result, our fully trained and experienced technical support team are on-hand to advise and assist on any issues, should they arise.

As an out-of-hours or alternative form of support, customers can access our dedicated technical support website (www.boxsupport.co.uk) where customers can download product drivers, manuals and utilities for our product ranges.

Additionally, the technical support help desk is available Monday to Thursday 0900 to 1730; [Friday 0900 to 1630] where you will find an experienced technical support team who are always prepared to assist with any hardware or technical issues you may have.

Benefits of the Technical Support Help Desk include:

  • One-on-one support from a fully trained and experienced technician
  • Dedicated technical website for product drivers, manuals and utilities
  • Available Monday to Thursday 0900 to 1730. [Friday 0900 to 1630]
  • Maximise uptime and reducing costs related to your project or installations

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