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Today, a positive commercial reputation stretches beyond traditional product or service quality, to embrace a range of factors that demand a holistic approach to staff well-being, health and safety, alongside a clear environmental commitment. Box is at the centre of helping customers directly address these issues, in regard to new or redundant technology.

To assist customers with addressing certain aspects of environmental issues, Box provides a range of services to ensure complete compliance and a proven audit trail for the disposal of technology that is no longer required. Our services extend beyond environmental management, to also address areas such as data security and the removal of potentially sensitive information.

End to End Project Management

Box field decommissioning and logistics personnel undertake the full, safe removal of all redundant technology, operating under agreed disposal parameters specified by the client. We manage the entire process, invariably at the time of a new installation, ensuring that only the required materials remain on site.

Thereafter we undertake WEEE compliant hardware disposal via specialist partners, who further utilise base components and materials for recycling purposes. We also comply with all related legislation such as battery disposal.

Data Security and Destruction

Whilst hardware itself is removed, there is often an additional need to ensure that customer, staff or other sensitive information is not retained on a hard drive, for example. To directly address this Box has skilled, trained and cleared technicians who undertake full “purge” services, in-house, for the removal of all data from solid state and hard disk drives, extending to tablets, mobiles and other hand held devices.

We welcome the opportunity to talk through our approach and processes at any time. In order to more fully understand how we can help ensure environmental compliance and deliver data security please call on 01844 264000.

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