Product: PX-170 17″

PX-170 17″

Successful retail today demands fast transaction processing, stylish presentation and technology that provides real choice. The PX-170 system is a powerful and versatile PoS system that delivers on all fronts.

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The PX-170 is a state of the art system – all components are stored in the head of the unit, further providing the retailer with choice as to how the unit is mounted and displayed.

The PX-170 delivers effective customer engagement and can be pole mounted at any angle above the line-of-sight of the customer or on an adjacent pole, ensuring a clear line of sight between the customer and the sales associate.

  • One step quick replacement of key components for easy upgrades, including the motherboard and hard disk drives
  • Device connectivity on either side: A mag-stripe reader, RFID button and fingerprint reader can easily be attached to either side of the unit and are all peripherals available directly from Box Technologies
  • Flexible I/O connectivity for new peripherals: A second optional I/O slot is available which offers 5 types of I/O modules to meet the widest range of project and usage requirements
  • Flexible mounting options. A stand is provided however it is easy to remove, providing flexible mounting options to meet your individual needs