Product: Panel PC 22″

Panel PC 22″

Endowed with a slim IPS LCD display and sleek 
vent-free chassis, the Box 22” Panel PC is a beautiful and compact PoS terminal.

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The rugged splash and dust-proof unit boasts a small space-saving footprint and a bright, backlit, 
high-resolution display ensuring ease-of-use and brilliant image quality whilst remaining power efficient.

The Box 22” Panel PC has a strikingly elegant appearance yet it can endure the toughest retail and hospitality environments.

Case Study:

Pizza Hut

  • Upright design, small footprint – The upright design delivers a sophisticated look which will appeal to high-end environments such as fashion outlets, restaurants, and hotels
  • Brilliant display – Box 22” Panel Pc features a stunning 22″ IPS LCD
  • Bezel free screen able to display vibrant and sharp content at 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Projected capacitive interface – Box 22” Panel Pc utilises a projected capacitive touch interface ensuring exceptional responsiveness and multi-touch capability