Product: ClickSafe Single Lock Straight Cable

ClickSafe Single Lock Straight Cable

ClickSafe security tethers are available in both curly and straight cable formats. Both comply with all PCI physical security requirements and have been specifically engineered to protect your payment terminals and hardware from tampering and theft.

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The single lock straight cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon tempered 7×7 steel straight cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The ClickSafe die cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.

ClickSafe configuration
ClickSafe offers two main security tethering options, a double lock curly cable and a single lock straight cable, offering different locking options for a range of hardware and installation applications.

  • Made from carbon tempered 7×7 steel
  • Secure protection, no restrictions
    The integral ClickSafe dual lock, from Kensington, combined with the quality of SpacePole ClickSafe ensures piece of mind for both the retailer and customer alike. ClickSafe’s superior strength and ease-of-use makes your first line of defence even stronger without any reduction in access or flexibility.
  • Multiple anchor options
    ClickSafe offers a range of mounting options from double lock utilising k-slot or self-adhesive anchor points, to single locks with separate anchor point mounts that can be used in any location.
  • Tamper proof seal included
  • Suited to payment devices and tablets
  • ClickSafe provides security across multiple application solutions