Product: Modular


Fast transaction processing, increased staff productivity and a high specification are all key features of the exceptional Modular PoS. This powerful, versatile and intelligent solution optimises service and is the ideal option to drive store operations.

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The Modular PoS offers an Intel® Celeron, Core™ i3 or Core™ i5 processor and houses a dual HDD SATA bay. A rich I/O interface ensures it continually delivers a powerful, expandable and reliable service for your retail or hospitality needs.

Available in two models, the Modular PoS, shown here and the Modular Lite PoS, are high performance point-of-sale systems designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. The system also features an ultra-small footprint ensuring counter space can be maximised.

  • Choice of processors: Modular PoS is powered by an Intel® Core™ i5 (with optional vPro) which is able to deliver exceptional processing speeds whilst remaining highly efficient, Intel® Celeron® and Core™ i3 models are available as alternatives
  • Easily serviceable and upgradeable: Modular’s hardware platform can be easily upgraded and serviced by swapping out key components such as the motherboard and HDD by removing the lockable front bezel
  • Extensive I/O connectivity: Modular PoS features a unique expansion area which can be replaced with numerous I/O panels ensuring ultimate flexibility in terms of connectivity as your requirements evolve.