Product: iRuggy G Series

iRuggy G Series

Presenting the iRuggy G10 and G10s, a rugged, modular tablet range designed to operate in even the most demanding environments.

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Taking a unique approach to configuration, the G10 and G10s feature a range of modular options that allow users to mix and match between an array of integrated peripherals.

Both variants also feature a hot swappable battery, ensuring up-time is maintained even during long shifts. This is also accompanied by various accessories – including a POS docking station (with optional 7” secondary display).

  • Rugged by design – the G10 and G10s both feature IP65 rated protection and a 1.2m drop specification as standard.
  • All-weather, responsive touch – both variants include multi-touch PCAP displays that offer responsive touch in all weather conditions, including through gloves or with styluses.
  • Modular flexibility – the G10 and G10s offer a range of additional modules to enhance their functionality, including peripherals for 1D/2D scanning (including long range), RFID, fingerprint reading, smart card/MSR reading and payment device brackets.
  • Long-lasting battery – in addition to an extended battery life of up to 8 hours, the G10 and G10s feature both quick-charging and a hot swappable battery.
  • Comprehensive accessory options – alongside their feature-rich designs, the G10 and G10s offer additional optional accessories – including a POS docking station (with or without secondary display), charging mounts and styluses.