Product: Absen N Series

Absen N Series

Aside from the amazing visual performance, low power usage and long life span, this LED display features a wide 160° horizontal viewing angle, 140° vertical, maintaining a high level of brightness and uniformity even at extreme angles; ensuring your message isn’t missed wherever you view it from. Images are flicker free with no ghosting, image judder, motion blur or tearing.

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The Absen N Range features high 16bit grayscale, with over 65,536 grayscale levels per colour; delivering superior image detail and enhances image definition.

The combination of direct-lit LED technology with the N Range superior black package SMDs and black mask system dramatically increases contrast ratios. The modular design of the Absen N panel’s can be configured into virtually any size or shape for complete creative freedom.

A specially designed module removal tool enables quick and easy dismounting of the LED modules without risk of damage during extraction. Each module can be independently removed and replaced, without any affect to the alignment of adjacent modules.

  • Creative Space Saving – Light and slim
  • Front & Rear Maintenance
  • Intelligent monitoring and real time feedback
  • A3C, Great Visual Feast – Absen 3rd generation calibration and better images
  • Convenient and Reliable
  • Fast installation.