Product: Box POS455 Series

Box POS455 Series

Designed with customer engagement at its core, the POS455 Series brings together the latest advancements in point of sale technology to create our most versatile POS system yet.

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With support for both fanless J1900 and i5 processors, the POS455 Series delivers industry-leading reliability and efficiency, whilst ensuring diverse operating requirements are met. The highly responsive, long-life 15” PCAP touchscreen also ensures a smooth user experience, regardless of environment or application, while the robust aluminium chassis provides guaranteed product longevity.

Its sleek and compact form factor facilitates a range of possible mounting options, including the flexible dual-hinge stand, which enables users to operate the system in a wide range of profiles. The design of the POS455 also allows for a range of integrated touch and non-touch secondary display options, ideal for customer information and point of sale marketing requirements.

The POS455 has also been designed with the broadest possible OS compatibility in mind, providing support for all variants of Windows 7 through to Windows 10, to offer a highly versatile solution that can flex to legacy or future software requirements.

In addition to their wide array of standard features, the POS455 and POS455i can also be integrated with the unique Epson TM-m30 stand, reducing the overall counter footprint. Powered by Epson’s industry-leading print technology, the TM-m30 features comprehensive connectivity and high-quality output, while remaining robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands of transactional environments.

The Box POS455 is now covered by our 5 Year Product Warranty as standard, with the option to include 5 Years Inclusive Maintenance. For more information click here.

  • Fanless design supporting both J1900 and i5 processors
  • Highly responsive, long-life 15” LED touchscreen
  • Flexible, dual-hinge stand
  • Range of integrated secondary display options
  • Support for a wide range of Windows Operating Systems
  • Range of mounting options
  • Optional integrated Epson TM-m30 printer stand