Ninja PC-18
The ultimate compute module

A classic, evolved

The Ninja PC-18 was born out of our highly successful and popular Ninja AIO product family. We listened to feedback asking us to modernise our modular compute offering, so we looked at using the game changing technology already in our portfolio. Our team of tech engineers set out to create the ultimate compute module that had rich interface options, extensive OS support and the latest architecture – all within an industry-first fan-less form factor that’s up to nine times smaller than its closest competitor.

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

A powerhouse

All connected peripherals can be powered from the Ninja PC-18

Fits anywhere

It’s the smallest of its kind, and with a modular footprint it can fit where you need it to

Tech you can rely on

We know reliability and performance is key to you

A note for retail operations

The Ninja modular can be placed anywhere & even in the tightest of spaces… fan-less, sealed and delivered.


Ninja PC-18 Modular
332 x 95 x 28mm (WxDxH)

Equivalent competitor modular option
300 x 302 x 100mm (WxDxH)

Unified Product Family

Powered by the Ninja PC-19 compute module, ease of maintenance and minimal downtime even during extensive upgrades comes as standard. We’ve created a single software build across all variants, and a common spare part ecosystem across all of the different form factors. The Ninja compute module can be replaced or upgraded in under 1 minute, and can be swapped between Android, Linux and Windows – all in the field.

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Specification overview

For all product technical, ergonomic information required, please download our feature rich and comprehensive product guide. If you have any further questions please ask us via live chat.


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