The perfect hybrid

We’ve developed the Ninja M270 series with the future of customer engagement in mind

Its hybrid design protects your investment by powering both fixed and mobile customer journeys. The outcome of years of experience refined in the mobile tablet arena, the M270’s integrated retractable hand strap and balanced weight distribution delivers perfect ergonomic use, while its wide variety of technology options makes it suitable for just about any customer journey. Our “smart peripheral connect” system is an industry-first that integrates legacy peripherals with new technology – helping you push the boundaries with customer engagement.

No more mobile security concerns

With 2FA security authentication, mobility security concerns are a thing of the past

Easy to handle

It’s 25% lighter than its nearest competitor

A smart investment

A system that can service both fixed and mobile technology roles

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

Bye bye Bluetooth

Struggling with Bluetooth and legacy peripherals to support your modern customer journeys? The answer is Ninja Smart Peripheral Connect, available with Tablet dock PRO. With Hybrid Dock Pro, the peripherals are always available to the Ninja M270 tablet by port virtualisation.

Customer journeys need modernising?

The Ninja Hybrid ecosystem takes your customer engagement to the next level, with tablet mobility, 360 degree docked rotation and a wide range of connected peripherals to suit any workflow.

Easy viewing in any conditions

Don’t let the bright light and reflections get between you and your screen – the Ninja Hybrid comes out of the box with state of the art anti-glare treatment which diffuses light and improves viewing in challenging indoor light conditions.

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For all product technical, ergonomic information required, please download our feature rich and comprehensive product guide. If you have any further questions please ask us via live chat.


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