Ultra Small Footprint NUC Style PC

Small Size, Big Impact

KPC2 is designed with a compact marvel that fits in your hand. Its small form factor seamlessly integrates into narrow spaces, delivering robust performance without compromising reliability and strength.

Small and easy to install

Its palm size footprint makes it easy to install anywhere

Eco-friendly efficiency

Harness unprecedented low-power performance

Expand your storage

Equipped with 4GB DDR4, 64GB eMMC and a microSD card slot

Wide OS support

Windows 10, Linux, Android 13.0, Chrome OS Flex, Inefi Aura

Seamless Connections

KPC2 comes equipped with a versatile array of I/O ports, enabling seamless connections to various devices. From HDMI and DisplayPort for vibrant displays to USB and LAN ports for data transfer and networking, KPC2 empowers you to unlock the potential of your digital ecosystem.

Wireless Connectivity

Easily install a wireless LAN card and choose from two types of WIFI antenna installations to suit your specific needs. Stay connected without constraints, whether you’re in a busy office setting or seeking enhanced signal reception in a specialized environment.

Compact but powerful

Engineered with Intel® Elkhart Lake J6412 processor, KPC2 ensures an unrivaled computing experience that exceeds expectations.

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