Release your IPC’s untethered potential

Streamlining medical critical applications

The K959 product is naturally at home delivering mobile critical care applications, from the surgical room to mobile drug dispensing. Its benefits are widespread and can also be used in operating theatres, electronic prescriptions and patient records. Anywhere that needs a truly mobile battery-powered IPC solution – in a large format.

Medical certification

Meets all required medical certificates - specifically EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 (4th Edition)

Remove hygiene concern

The unique antibacterial material protects users from hygiene risks

Advanced and flexible battery

Hot swappable battery technology

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

Easily expandable

Level up with a wide range of expansion options, including RFID, smart card, BT and Wi-Fi, webcam, MSR, biometrics, i-button and NFC.

Long-life battery

Smart Battery enablement lets you power your K959 through a single battery charge for up to 12 hours – all thanks to 3 high capacity DR202 batteries. Also, you can boost productivity during work shifts with multi-battery charging solutions to keep everyone on track.

Easy cleaning

Minimise health and safety risks to patients with edge to edge glass. The projective glass promotes seamless cleaning in line with all industry cleaning standards.

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Specification overview

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