Interactive order point

An enhanced transactional experience

The K86B self-service kiosk is compact, robust, and designed to give your customer a fully interactive experience from beginning to end. The unattended platform minimises the footprint within your store, making it the perfect choice for QSR, hospitality and leisure.

Open architecture for easy integration

Non-proprietary and easily supported

Best-in-class peripheral integration

For an enhanced customer experience

Upsell your customers

A large interactive screen for promotion

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

Unified product family

Powered by the Ninja PC-18 compute module, ease of maintenance and minimal downtime comes as standard, even during extensive upgrades. We’ve created a single software build across all variants, and a common spare part ecosystem across all of the different form factors. The Ninja compute module can be replaced or upgraded in under 1 minute, and can be swapped between Android, Linux and Windows – all in the field.

Wide OS support

Get flexibility with a wide range of OS choices, including Android 9, Windows and Linux – all with full driver stack support.

Make the most of your space

Choose between wall mounting, counter mounting and free standing for maximum flexibility when space is at a premium.

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Specification overview

For all technical & ergonomic information, please download our comprehensive spec sheet. If you have any questions, you can ask us via live chat.


Product support

You rely on your hardware to give you operational efficiency, productivity and above all, great customer service. We take this very seriously, offering a full range of support warranty options and policies. Discover more.

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