K730 Series
Transform your thinking

Real benefit, where you need it

When you need flexibility without compromise, you need the K730 Series. Developed from our deep understanding of our customers and the markets they operate in, we’ve created a highly-configurable solution that will deliver real benefit to you, wherever you need it.

From self checkouts to patient check-in devices, touch solutions for your kitchen management or a traditional point of sale, one of the many K-series configurations will step up to the challenge.

Tech you can rely on

We know reliability and performance is key to you

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

It meets your needs

Our flexible design supports over 30 technology configurations

Enjoy real value

Touch enabled interaction delivers value without compromise

Technology options give you limitless possibilities

Our 11”, 15”, 18.5” and 22” options all seamlessly integrate with the same range of peripherals, while our customer interaction module ecosystem means you can utilise up to 6 modules at any one time. In addition, there are desktop, floor standing, countertop or kiosk modes – the choice is yours; and for ultimate flexibility, it can run Windows, Linux or Android.

At home performing multiple technology roles

  • Self checkout
  • Self service order point
  • Patient check-in kiosk
  • Touch enabled kitchen management devices
  • Access control
  • Allergen menu board
  • Touch digital signage

Unified product family

Powered by the Ninja PC-18 compute module, ease of maintenance and minimal downtime even during extensive upgrades comes as standard. We’ve created a single software build across all variants, and a common spare part ecosystem across all of the different form factors. The Ninja compute module can be replaced or upgraded in under 1 minute, and can be swapped between Android, Linux and Windows – all in the field.

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Specification overview

For all product technical, ergonomic information required, please download our feature rich and comprehensive product guide. If you have any further questions please get in touch.


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