Expandable mobility to increase your productivity

Rugged design meets high performance

Increase the productivity of your workforce with our G10s and G8s. Designed for enterprise mobility in retail, logistics, warehousing, field service and operations, the core platform fuses high performance, rugged design, a hot swappable battery and a host of expandable options to be ready for anything.

Robust for industry use

Built to perform in tough environments

Increase productivity

12 expandable FX modules

Maximise time

Enterprise hot swappable battery technology

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

Powered by 4 touch modes

Ready for use in any environment, both the G8 and G10 platforms support user touch requirements in 4 touch modes: Finger, Glove, Wet and Stylus inputs.

Designed to be durable

Truly fit for purpose, the G10 and G8 have a full IP65 rating to protect from harmful water or dust. They’re also tested to withstand a 1.2m drop, to match military specifications.

Supports integrated mobile payment

Both designs are built to support mobile PED attachments from top industry providers, including Verifone, Ingenico and Miura. Once the PED is connected, they will also work with a range of peripheral ecosystems.

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