Cielo 22” Panel PC
An Interactive Panel PC to improve your productivity

Performance and reliability at the core

Boost productivity and deliver an unrivalled interactive user experience across retail, hospitality, leisure, and more. It can be used in a kitchen environment as a critical management solution, or in a retail store to seamlessly bridge the gap between the online and store experience. Support digital workflow at home for remote working, or make checking-in easy for a gym or cinema – the possibilities are limitless.

Boost productivity

A large interactive capacitive touch screen widens capabilities

Damages, covered

Enjoy peace of mind with a 1 year inclusive warranty

Keep it green

Our technology is eco conscious inside and out

Ensure uptime

With industry leading reliability and functionality

Built for longevity

Our top-selling J1900 platform launched in 2013 and the roadmap is set to continue until 2028 (and beyond). This is propelled by our dynamic relationship with Intel and the platform is used by the largest UK retailer.

Tech you can rely on

Designed for industrial applications, The Box 22” Panel PC uses technology with no moving parts. The result? Trusted reliability at all times. Its solid state storage and fan-less system design means it can operate in tough environments without skipping a beat.

A range of mounting options

An extensive range of stand, wall and pole mounting options to meet your business needs – whatever they are.

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Specification overview

For all product technical, ergonomic information required, please download our feature rich and comprehensive product guide. If you have any further questions please ask us via live chat.


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