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Touch experiences enrich and enhance your customer engagement, but they must be reliable and frustration free. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed our touch screen solutions to deliver a powerful, enjoyable and consistent experience for your users – and our market leading projective capacitive touch technology is highly regarded for its reliability and performance.

Whether you’re looking for point of sale, kitchen management, betting shop display, self-ordering, meeting management, customer experience or collaboration tool touch solutions, we can meet your needs.

Enrich customer experience

4K interactive display to deliver an enriched customer experience

Improve productivity

Using touch screens improves the productivity of your workforce

Reduce downtime

Projective capacitive touch doesn’t need costly touch re-calibrating Support more

Support more software

Multi OS support for any touch enabled application

Touch screen reliability and uptime

Touch screens can be a vital part of your business operation, so we’ve designed our devices to keep you up and running. All our products use high quality components, powerful processors and solid state memory and storage to maximise uptime of these critical systems.

One size doesn’t need to fit all

Our extensive range of touch screen units comes in a variety of sizes starting from 10” all the way up to 43” – giving you total flexibility whatever the required application. They also support a range of video inputs including both digital and analog to support everything from the oldest to the newest applications. And to round it all off, we’ve included a wide range of peripheral options such as scanners, NFC, mag-stripe, biometric or i-buttons.

Eco conscious inside and out

We’ve developed a methodology to make sure we consider the environment and our planet:

  • Strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and constantly work on environmental improvement and pollution prevention
  • Maintain our environmental management system to effectively meet our environmental protection obligations
  • Establish waste management systems to follow related laws and enhance recycling practices

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