Experts at transforming Point Of Sale

Looking for an experienced POS partner with impeccable credentials? We’ve been a global market leading POS technology provider for over three decades, so whatever your market, we’ve got a solution. We deliver class-leading POS technology to retail, hospitality, leisure, gaming and the healthcare sector – and our tailormade solutions mean you always get the right platform to transform your business.

Increase uptime

Increased uptime keeps you serving your customers

Enhance customer experience

Our tech is more than just POS: it’s an entire upgrade to customer experience

Retail ready life cycle

We know you want a minimum 7 year refresh cycle – we can support you

Retail hardened design

Make a smart investment with devices that are truly fit for purpose

With you from start to finish

Why are we different? Because we own the complete end-to-end supply chain for all our POS hardware, from design and development to manufacturing in our global-group owned facility in Taiwan – all managed by our specialist teams. That means you get everything you need, all in one provider.

Unified motherboard approach

We get it: consistency and quality are fundamental to your business. That’s why we take a unified motherboard approach. We invest our time, energy and resources into developing the ultimate motherboard platform – the brains and heart of every system – to provide performance, reliability and scalability across multiple devices and form factors, from POS to self-service kiosks and panel PCs. So you get freedom of choice – and huge operational benefits.

Our inclusive 5 year warranty

POS systems need to be extremely reliable and remain functional for as long as possible, so you can keep serving your customers without interruption. From component selection to after sales support, we put reliability – and your peace of mind – front and centre. That’s why every Boxtec POS system comes with our 5 year inclusive manufacturer’s warranty.

Eco conscious inside and out

We’ve developed a methodology to make sure we consider the environment and our planet:

  • Strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and constantly work on environmental improvement and pollution prevention
  • Maintain our environmental management system to effectively meet our environmental protection obligations
  • Establish waste management systems to follow related laws and enhance recycling practices

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