Designed for demanding use

Kitchen management is fast paced, high pressure and extremely demanding. We’ve developed a range of Kitchen Management Solutions to meet the needs of this intense environment. Our KMS products can be found working hard in both quick service and fine dining restaurants, stadiums, dark kitchens, coffee shops and tourist attractions. Improve automation and increase kitchen efficiency with our range of solutions, including kitchen printing, kitchen PCs, non-touch kitchen screens, collect screens, interactive touch enabled kitchen panel PCs and fit for purpose mounting options.

Improve efficiency

Our touch enabled screens improve the operational efficiency of kitchens

Choose your software

Our kitchen PCs are totally software agnostic – giving you application freedom

Withstand harsh environments

Our KMS products are designed for demanding kitchen use

Enhance customer experience

Improve business automation and reduce human error to deliver better customer experience

Kitchen reliability and uptime

We know kitchens are tough on technology. Our devices are suitable for different operating areas of the kitchen – whether above a fryer or by a food preparation station, we have options to suit your needs. All our products use high quality components, powerful processors and solid state memory and storage to maximise uptime of these critical systems.

Flexibility and mounting

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to KMS solutions; and we also understand how important mounting solutions are in delivering the best experience for kitchen staff. Our screen size options range from 10” to 22” – so you can mix and match, depending on the location in the kitchen. On top of that, all of our KMS panel PC products come with industry standard VESA 75 or 100 fittings so we can easily source exactly the right mounting for your kitchen.

Eco conscious inside and out

We’ve developed a methodology to make sure we consider the environment and our planet:

  • Strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and constantly work on environmental improvement and pollution prevention
  • Maintain our environmental management system to effectively meet our environmental protection obligations
  • Establish waste management systems to follow related laws and enhance recycling practices

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