Putting you in control of access

We know access control can be both hard to manage and a security concern. That’s why we designed our range of class-leading systems to solve both these challenges – and more. Our access control solutions can be installed in any environment where the management of a large work force is required: manufacturing, retail, hospitality, leisure, gaming or the healthcare sector.

Get the flexibility you need with our large range of industrial panel PC systems with multiple OS support – including Windows, Android and Linux – a multitude of screen sizes ranging from 10”-22” and a host of clocking-in peripheral options such as biometric, smart card, mag-stripe or scanning.

Enhance security

Our access control devices are designed with security in mind

Automate access

Automate your clocking in or visitor management with an interactive touch screen

Simplify management

Eliminate key management

Support more software

Multi OS support for any access control application

Our access control technology

Access control reliability and uptime

You rely on access control to keep your business and your staff safe and accounted for. We know this is critical, so our devices are suitable for a whole range of uses, from cruise ships to large manufacturing plants to managing staff at department stores. And all our products use high quality components, powerful processors and solid state memory and storage to maximise uptime of these critical systems.

Peripheral flexibility and mounting

Mounting solutions are vital in delivering secure installations for your business – and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Our entire range of touch enabled access control systems come with industry standard VESA 75/100 mounting points so our team of experts can always select the right ergonomic bracket for your needs. Our touch enabled devices also let you use multiple peripheral attachments on a single device – either via our smart box attachment or peripheral expansion options – for providing extra features such as multi-factor authentication.

Eco conscious inside and out

We’ve developed a methodology to make sure we consider the environment and our planet:

  • Strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and constantly work on environmental improvement and pollution prevention
  • Maintain our environmental management system to effectively meet our environmental protection obligations
  • Establish waste management systems to follow related laws and enhance recycling practices

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