Watches of Switzerland needed to create a really engaging customer environment that was also operationally efficient for their staff. They wanted to create a a fantastic customer experience for their diverse client base, so they needed the right kind of delivery partner. They also required a partner that could go beyond delivering hardware to deliver software support for their content – which in turn was driven by over 20 major watch brands with very individual brand requirements.


Watches of Switzerland chose Box Technologies to provide a truly engaging experience for customers by utilising digital technology throughout their Regent Street store. In addition to delivering rich and variable content, Box Technologies designed and implemented one of the largest interactive touch screens to be found anywhere in the world – the centrepiece measuring more than 3 metres by 2 metres. By touching and rotating the main timepiece graphic, customers and staff could open new screens to be explored in further detail – all of which can also be shown in alternative languages.

The collaborative and responsive working process provided by Box Technologies ensured they effectively became part of Watches of Switzerland – working with both marketing and programme teams to understand their brand and those of their partners.


After meeting all of Watches of Switzerland’s needs, Box Technologies developed a great symbiotic relationship with them as a team. With regards to the solution, Watches of Switzerland have described it as ‘truly innovative, immersive and engaging’, providing customers with expert knowledge at the touch of a fingertip. It has also enabled staff to establish a more personal connection with customers right at the outset – as they interact with the technology alongside visitors.

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“For me it was so important that the partner that we work with could not only deliver the hardware, but could also provide the software support in terms of the content”

Richard Gerrard Director at Aurum