Blenheim Palace needed a robust mobile computing solution that would seamlessly integrate with its existing ticketing and admissions software. As the palace grounds extend to over 2,000 acres, it was essential for the chosen solution to be able to communicate with the back-office server from numerous remote points. Admissions and ticketing systems also needed to be upgraded to help staff sell tickets easily, quickly and securely, while providing visitors with a range of information about the Palace and its grounds to enhance customer experience.


Blenheim Palace purchased Motion Tablet PCs from Box Technologies in order to run the VENPoS ticketing and admissions software already in place. The Tablet PCs’ highly portable features, including ergonomic design, rugged capabilities, carry strap and superior screen resolution, were perfect for staff use outdoors and on the move. Palace admissions are mainly through fixed position kiosks but, during particularly busy periods, the Motion Tablet PCs could interact with portable payment terminals by running a specially developed ‘standalone’ version of the VENPoS software and then exchange data with the central server when ‘docked’ each night.


The new system has reduced queue times and improved the overall visitor experience, and Blenheim Palace staff now rely on the tablets for most of their customer-facing trading activity. A comprehensive e-commerce platform running on the Motion Tablets also provides a seamless end-user experience when buying tickets, merchandise and experiences online. Benefits for Blenheim Palace have included faster admissions, increased revenue and cash flow, improved customer service levels, increased cash control, more accurate stock control and improved reporting – an excellent return on the initial investment.


"We’ve been using a range of Motion tablets for over three years and are really satisfied with their performance. They are powerful productivity tools that help us to improve customer service by accessing, entering and transmitting up-to-the-minute data while in the Palace or out in the grounds. The ergonomic, lightweight form factors feature durable designs to protect against environmental conditions and accidental situations, without the high price typically associated with fully rugged computers."

IT Manager, Blenheim Palace