With increasing sales and more than 380 stores, High Street phenomenon Poundland needed the latest in retail technology solutions to ensure its supply chain kept pace with demand, and to check and record the huge number of items being delivered to the two main warehouse hubs. Poundland’s Quality Assurance Team plays a pivotal role in ensuring goods are delivered on time to stores across the UK and Eire, but their existing technology solution was not really adequate for the job.


Box Technologies was tasked with devising a truly mobile solution for Poundland to increase accuracy and productivity. The system needed to be portable and compact and to incorporate all of the required technologies the team needed. Box Technologies provided a mobile tablet which would not only meet the required specifications but also deliver a clear and quantifiable cost saving. The Motion F5 tablet enabled Poundland to replace multiple different elements of its hardware with one bespoke solution, reducing maintenance and support costs. In operational terms, the mobile tablet device provides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth¨ wireless connectivity and optional mobile broadband with Gobi connectivity for real time data transfer. Rugged enough to withstand a tough workplace environment, the ergonomic, lightweight device has powerful processing capabilities and an extended battery life to last through the longest shift.


The flexible and revolutionary solution enabled Poundland’s team to implement a rapid and accurate quality control procedure through the use of just one innovative portable device. Multiple processes have been streamlined and mobile workforce productivity has improved.


"The Quality Assurance team have a mission critical task to perform. Our expansion, and increasing range of goods that we can offer our customers, means that the task will continue to expand and evolve. The introduction of the Motion F5 tablet has brought has brought huge benefits in our abilities to check the quality of the goods, and the speed with which we do that. Finally, we have eliminated the need for a bulky and multi-faceted approach and replaced it with one that brings the best state-of-the-art technology together in one lightweight portable device."

Mick Corbett, IT Solutions Leader at Poundland