A popular and expanding Mexican food chain, Poncho 8 was facing issues with queues and customer waiting times during its peak periods. Since long queues could lead to a reduction in sales and customer satisfaction, it was of paramount importance to Poncho 8 to find a retail technology solution. The company wanted to implement a kiosk solution that would enable customers to quickly and easily select and pay for their menu choices, enhancing customer engagement and increasing turnover.


Poncho 8 engaged innovative retail solutions provider Box Technologies to provide the kiosks. The Cielo KX-100 was the perfect solution for Poncho 8’s requirements. Highly durable with a 
splash-proof, robust screen, the KX-100 is ideal for fast-paced and potentially messy restaurant environments. It also supports a fully integrated Chip and PIN reader for secure payments, as well as a receipt printer for proof of purchase – both of which were essential components of a queue-busting solution for Poncho 8.


In collaboration with Box Technologies, providing extensive experience in retail technology solutions, Poncho 8 was the first burrito chain to custom-build and install a self-service Chip and PIN payment kiosk. The company’s new system ensures that its ambition and expansion is matched with the latest time-saving technology. Poncho 8 have already seen an additional 4% increase in processed orders thanks to their KX-100 installation, and are planning to incorporate more kiosks in their other stores.

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“We are already seeing an additional 4% of orders processed thanks to the kiosk we have installed at our busy Canary Wharf store… we are embracing the best technology available to reduce queues and waiting times at peak periods for our hungry customers.”

Michaela Roberts, Managing Director at Poncho 8