Office wanted a way to increase revenue through improved customer turnover in busy trading periods, such as before Christmas and during seasonal sales. To do this they needed to speed up transactions and reduce long customer payment queues. Office had tried a temporary fix of installing extra tills but this had proved expensive and time-consuming. It also wasted precious product display space.


Office needed a clever, cost-effective POS system that would enhance customer engagement. It had to speed up transactions but not compromise the quality of Office’s in-store environments. The innovative Cielo Move perfectly fulfilled these requirements. Collaborating with Box Technologies, Office decided to install units into 20 of its busiest UK stores. The Cielo Move’s revolutionary design and cutting edge technology was central to this decision – its small footprint, swivelling screen and excellent build quality made it an ideal choice. Connectivity was also a core issue for Office, and the versatile Cielo Move allowed them to connect Chip and PIN terminals with ultimate flexibility.


The solution was implemented in November, in a one-week rollout period, outside of peak trading hours. Box Technologies made sure the same software was used on the Cielo tablet as Office had on their existing POS equipment, so store staff were able to adjust quickly and efficiently to the new system. Since transferring over to the Cielo Move, Office has seen their transaction speed increase, freeing up their staff to serve more customers and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Cielo Move’s compact design has also given Office more usable space for valuable display purposes. Due to its success, Office are looking at how they can use the Cielo Move elsewhere in the organisation.


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“The Cielo Move has given us a massive advantage in terms of smaller footprint and ease-of-use. It is a really effective solution, helping to reduce queuing time. The installation was achieved to a high level and working with Box has been a pleasure. This equipment is not just for Christmas, we are looking forward to exploring the benefits it will bring us all year round.”

Alex Cylwik, Office IT Project Manager