NISA needed a new PoS solution for consistency across its 5,000 UK independent member stores. Passionate about delivering tangible benefits to support independent food and drink retailers and wholesalers within its organisation, NISA wanted to improve continuity across the stores to enhance customer engagement. NISA members had previously sourced their own PoS systems, resulting in a huge variation across the board.


NISA appointed technology partners Box Technologies and Toshiba to develop a dynamic system for all 5,000 members. It needed to be a fully integrated and standardised PoS solution, tailored to meet members’ needs, which could be marketed to members to improve continuity. With stores needing to be convinced that investing in new hardware made sense, and to drive uptake of the bespoke platform, the system’s total cost was a key factor in the decision making process. The solution also needed to be fully compatible with NISA’s existing software. Collaborating with Toshiba, Box Technologies developed a modular and integrated PoS solution which was simple to use, intuitive and with demonstrable business benefits. Its innovative design and compact size was ideal for the convenience retail and wholesale sector as it combined impressive functionality with a small footprint. The unit’s touch screen technology required very little training and its speed increased productivity and delivered improved customer service.


Nearly 300 units have so far been rolled out across NISA UK member stores and, depending on the individual store and its location, are handling anything from 100 to 3,000 transactions per day. This bespoke retail technology solution has increased the speed of customer transactions, reduced queuing time and made payment processes more efficient, resulting in very positive feedback.


"We are providing our members with a standardised solution which delivers valuable data, helps to keep overheads down, and provides efficiencies at the point of sale. It's simple to use, easy to maintain and has a longevity which provides peace of mind and can evolve in line with the demands of our members. The solution has been seen as a hugely beneficial addition and one that will help our business standardise and grow in a highly competitive marketplace."

Wayne Swallow, IT Director, NISA