National Express wanted a more cost effective 24-hour ticketing solution to improve customer service, convenience and business efficiency, especially at airports, where out-of-hours services are critical. The goal was to increase revenue by reducing ticketing costs and to provide users with an easier and more enjoyable purchasing experience. To streamline operations and develop and maintain brand loyalty, the company needed to adopt new forms of customer-facing technology.


National Express already offered its customers the ability to purchase coach tickets at manned service desks or via its website, and had piloted remote Unattended Payment Terminals (UPTs), working with software specialist The Hub. The Hub then approached Box Technologies to devise an innovative technology solution. Box Technologies designed, deployed and serviced over 70 custom built, self-service kiosks to improve access and information, reduce transaction and queuing times and ultimately improve customer service. The robust kiosks combined a full, real-time reporting system for the company with ease of use for passengers.


The new technology has played an important role in National Express’ transformation. Today customers can bypass queues by using 24/7 self-service kiosks. Improved customer access, faster transaction times and increased availability of information have led to enhanced customer engagement, and National Express has a streamlined operation and an excellent return on its investment.


“The after-sales service from Box has been excellent and the kiosks are proving to be resilient and reliable to wear and tear so that the total cost of ownership is proving to be lower than our original estimates”

Jonathan Green, Sales & Marketing Director, Red Funnel