With ageing till equipment across a range of their stores, and poor quality scanners across the wider estate, Mole Valley Farmers needed a new solution. In addition, they required till and tablet hardware that would support their MPOS requirements, part of a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP project they were embarking upon. They also wanted a mobile platform that could be used by staff to facilitate various daily tasks (for example stock-taking, record-keeping and stock replenishment) as well as assisting customers to enhance their in-store experience.


After a month-long series of benchmark tests, pitting Box Technologies’ Cielo technology against an extensive field of other products, Mole Valley placed an order for multiple Cielo products. The rollout of the Cielo devices was phased over several months – for example, Cielo tablets are currently deployed across the main Mole Valley Farmers stores in the South West of England, running Sharepoint applications and an in-house application to check store presentation. The South West region is also using 8” Cielo tablets with robust casing for stock counting and to run existing apps – something that the entire branch network will adopt in due course. Cielo Move docking stations and accompanying tablets running MPOS applications have been rolled out across the North East region, which will also be introduced to all stores in time.


In addition to the versatility of the Cielo solutions, Mole Valley Farmers were also impressed with the ease with which they could attach peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. Prior to this, they had rechargeable hand-held scanners which had poor battery life and most stores relied on paper for many tasks. Their warehouse staff were also impressed by the quality of the built-in scanners, which worked with 440,000 individual SKUs with no issues. Generally, staff found the screens of all Cielo units to be very simple to use, which made them more productive – checking stock was much faster, as was data entry into their in-house application. Ultimately, average transaction time was cut by 10 seconds per transaction, and build times for new till systems were reduced from half a day to just one hour.

Cielo Move from Box Technologies on Vimeo.

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"The thing that most impressed us about Box Technologies’ range of products was their versatility and robustness. As a large, market-leading agricultural and rural retailer deploying cutting-edge technology to deliver excellence to our customers, we find that the Cielo devices are a perfect fit for us."

Alan Parsons, Business Analyst & CRM Data Manager, Mole Valley Farmers