As a high-end, high-volume restaurant, Maxwell’s needed to modernise its PoS technology to enhance customer engagement. Maxwell’s developed its own software, which was so successful it supplied it to other restaurants, but they needed help from Box Technologies to provide the hardware and share their knowledge of the PoS market to create the ideal customer interface.


Maxwell’s wanted a sleek, noiseless solution, so Box Technologies recommended a renowned fanless EPOS thermal printer, which is fast and known for its reliability in high-volume sales environments. It prints text, barcodes and graphics to deliver intelligent receipts with customer impact whilst helping to increase transaction speed. Box Technologies also recommended a robust printer specifically designed for the kitchen environment. Easy to use, access and maintain, these innovative technologies combined increased functionality with efficient power consumption.


Maxwell’s new EPOS technology solution was a huge improvement on the previous system. Restaurant staff reported an increase in efficiency as the new solution ran faster, more smoothly and more reliably. Importantly, in this demanding environment, the fanless design without venting holes, prevented dust, dirt and grease from building up in the unit, resulting in a substantial reduction in maintenance costs. Maxwell’s plans to roll out the new system across its entire operation, firmly taking it into the 21st century.


“I looked to Box to advise me on the best way forward with our Point of Sale Technology. We’re a slick operation and our customers expect nothing less than a smooth, seamless experience whether ordering, paying their bill or leaving a tip. With Box’s expertise and can-do attitude, I knew they’d give me the best options. We’re delighted with the unit’s overall build quality – the latest generation of the 4PoS Expander is exceptionally well designed and all my staff have been incredibly impressed with it. It’s much easier to use, which saves time, and because all parts are easy to access, it’s simple to change parts if needed. For example, if a hard drive, Mag swipe reader or touch overlay needs to be changed; it’s very quick and easy.”

Luca Settimo, IT Manager, Maxwell’s Bar & Grill