Jersey Electricity wanted to move towards self-help bill paying for its customers. As the sole supplier of electricity on the island, Jersey Electricity serves 48,000 residential and commercial properties. More than 30 per cent of these customers pay their bills by visiting the company’s head office at Power House, requiring three fully trained customer service representatives on the front desk at all times. The company felt self-help bill paying would reduce customer queues and improve its customer service profile, as well as free up staff to deal with more complex customer-related issues.


Jersey Electricity selected Box Technologies to support the company’s planned move towards self-help bill paying with the introduction of two bespoke kiosks. Clientele coming into Power House were first surveyed to see if they would be comfortable paying by ‘self-help’, as opposed to through an adviser. With a 60/40 split in favour, Jersey Electricity pushed forward with the project. Box Technologies utilised specialist retail technology to work on the design, build and implementation of the complete hardware and software solutions for the two self-pay kiosks. The intention was for customers simply to bring in their bar-coded bill, which could be scanned at the kiosk and then settled via cash or debit card.


The kiosks have proved a great success. With two wall-mounted self-help kiosks and one fully trained customer service representative to assist customers, staff resources can be deployed elsewhere in the business. A kiosk has now also been installed on the outside of the building, enabling customers to access the system 24/7. Jersey Electricity is also exploring the idea of installing similar kiosks across the island.


“Our customers come in either monthly or quarterly to settle their bills; we wanted to make the payment process as fast and seamless as possible. Where we previously had three manned cash desks, we now have two wall-mounted self-help kiosks and one around-the-clock meeter and greeter. This has freed up our advisers to employ their talents across other areas of the business. Box has been collaborative and supportive every step of the way.”

Jerry Robins, Customer Service Manager, Jersey Electricity plc