Dairy Crest wanted to progress from the paper-based systems it was using to manage third party contractors on its sites. Always looking to improve, it needed a new mobile solution to better monitor contractors’ activities, including the issuing of permit to work documents, and for conducting risk assessments to meet its statutory obligations. The challenge was to collate and manage a database of contractor-approved documents, and to issue and retain a signed authorisation or permit to work where appropriate.


Box Technologies and Prime Design Consultants collaborated to provide a unique turnkey solution. A software/hardware combination was developed using the semi-rugged Motion F5 Tablet PC (supplied by Box Technologies) and Prime Design’s application ‘Salutis – Tracker’. The complex technology gives a high level of security and maintains document integrity. It allows signatures to be captured and then encrypted and stored on a database, but only ever displays them on the original signed document. The additional features of the lightweight Tablet PC also allowed Dairy Crest to photograph any possible safety risks and eliminate any communication or safety compliance delays, providing ‘on-site, real-time’ productivity in its warehouse and production facilities.


The Motion Computing F5 Tablet PC was installed in all Dairy Crest’s production sites in the UK and Ireland. Since then, the electronic permit to work system has transformed the way Dairy Crest handles its health and safety documents, enabling it to more effectively control contractor activities. The versatility of the Tablet PC’s flexible electronic system is clearly invaluable for any company like Dairy Crest with multiple sites or several operational scenarios, as it allows work to be managed at the point where it is actually carried out.


"The deployment of the Motion F5 Tablet PC at Dairy Crest’s warehouse and production sites has enabled us to address the real-time issues and auditable challenges associated with paper-based documentation. We’ve seen a number of additional bonuses with on-site operational efficiencies since our deployment which has been met with a glowing report from our property insurer."

Dairy Crest Compliance and Projects Manager, Hanworth Factory