The way that the average consumer shops has changed vastly over recent years, and the limited availability of the average staff member, paired with the convenience and savings often associated with online shopping, means that businesses are having to shift their priorities to focus on the in-store experience if they wish to maintain footfall and remain competitive. Bearing this in mind, how can stores continue to increase footfall in the age of e-commerce?


Creating a unique in-store experience

Whether you depend entirely on a physical presence to engage with your customers, or you operate across a multitude of channels, it’s a good idea to create a unique in-store experience that encourages repeat business and helps build footfall. Whether it’s an innovative in-store experience that sets you apart from your competitors, or a dedication to friendly, personable service, you want to create an environment which makes customers feel welcome and engaged.

There are many ways that you can effectively enhance your in-store experience, and with retail technology evolving at a rapid pace, the opportunities are endless for you to improve your customer experience. From the utilisation of new checkout and payment technologies to reduce wait times and increase convenience, to attractive digital signage and in-store tracking, item location and stock technologies. Taking some time to research new innovations and pairing with an industry-leading retail technology company can really benefit your in-store experience in the short and long term.


Rethink your storefront appearance

The way your shop is presented from an external perspective can have a large impact on the number of customers entering your store in the first place. For this reason, it’s important that your storefront represents your business in a professional but approachable manner, enticing passers-by with a preview of what is contained within, while reflecting the in-store branding. A stylish and well-kept storefront featuring stunning digital displays and innovative products can also have a significant impact on how your consumers view your brand image and influence their shopping habits, so it’s important that your design keeps pace with your current product range and desired brand identity.


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