Whether it’s digital signage which catches the eye of a passer-by, or a unique, interactive product experience which provides entertainment and provides a positive experience for customers, touchpoints are essential connections between your brand and the consumer. The ability to create touchpoints which enhance the user experience can often be the key to developing unrivalled consumer loyalty and creating a thriving in-store environment.



Technology is key in the creation of innovative touch points, and companies are always coming up with new ways to enhance their in-store experience to create more personable touch points. There are a few ways in which you can create memorable touchpoints using technology, from interactive digital signage, to a complete controllable environment with lighting and music.

It’s important to consider the reason that the consumer is in your store. For example, if a customer visits your store to try out a new device, they probably do not want to be in a loud environment which distracts them from the product they are interested in. Use the technology available to you to enhance the environment to suit the purpose, using digital signage, innovative displays and sound and lighting to create a welcoming environment which enhances the natural strengths of your products or services.


Personable experience

On the other end of the scale, sometimes a consumer might prefer to seek personal advice or ideas from a member of staff, and having well-trained, approachable personnel in-store can go a long way to enhancing your customer touchpoints. The value of customer service can never be underestimated in retail, and by equipping your staff with the tools they need to quickly and effectively deal with customer enquiries, you are not only making their jobs more manageable and enjoyable, but you are also improving customer experience significantly.

From the ability to quickly check stock levels and product details to helping customers use products and services efficiently, there are a number of ways in which you can train and equip your staff to deliver an exceptional service, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty and enhancing the opportunities for referrals.


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