As a business leader, it’s easy to get caught up in how your business is performing and the facts and figures behind your sales. But have you taken the time recently to actually put yourself in your customers’ shoes, looking at your store through the eyes of a first-time visitor, a prospect with no pre-existing knowledge of your business? Here’s how you can, and why we think you should…


Walk in your customers shoes

One of the best ways to see your business through the eyes of a customer is to complete the customer journey from start to finish yourself, assessing the different stages and interaction points as though you are independent from the process. This means looking at your journey with a critical eye, remembering that first impressions are essential and poor appearance, functionality or staff availability can reflect negatively on a customer’s overall opinion.


Performing the assessment

Before performing your walk-through, it’s important that you don’t fix or clean anything that would not normally be performed. You want to achieve an accurate view of your customer experience, so make sure that you don’t influence the journey. This may include taking on the role of a customer with a limited understanding of technology, limited ability and short sightedness. Visit your store and online shop during peak hours and assess wait times, stock availability and online responsiveness and make notes on areas for improvement.


The benefits of a new perspective

Experiencing your customer journey allows for a fresh perspective on areas that might be limiting your customer satisfaction, and allows you a qualitative look at the everyday experience your average customer has.

When working behind the scenes, it’s easy to miss the small details which can shape a visitors’ perception of your business and by highlighting and improving these areas, you can deliver a more enjoyable experience which encourages repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. This is incredibly valuable in retail, earning you a reputation as an industry leader and driving popularity to bring an increase in sales.


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