Customer engagement has become increasingly important in 2017, with businesses across the world striving to become industry leaders in engaging with their audiences in new ways.  The meteoric rise of public connectivity, driven by the popularity of the smartphone, has introduced a range of new opportunities for businesses looking connect with their customers, and combining this with effective in-store and online strategies can position your business extremely well in your competitive landscape.


Combining your instore and online journey

Today, the number of channels available for consumer interaction are higher than they’ve ever been. Customers can now interact with businesses through telephone, email, social media, chatbots and more, and the connectivity associated with this means that it’s easier than ever for customers to provide immediate feedback on your business.

In order to maximise this potential and ensure you are getting positive feedback, you need to ensure that your instore and online customer experiences work together; creating an experience that encourages consumers to engage on more than just surface level. Creating a bespoke journey that enhances the overall customer experience, can help to promote brand loyalty and recommendations through word of mouth and social media.

Engaging with your customers

Once you have the basis for your customer journey in place, the next stage is to apply the journey to drive engagement.

A recent study reported that 75%[1] of retailers use a proactive strategy for monitoring and enhancing their consumer experience. This represents a trend in retail markets, as a proactive approach is often the best way to encourage engagement. In order to achieve this, you should highlight buyer-like-behaviour and points in the journey where customers are most likely to interact, and reach out with relevant offers or compelling content.

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[1] Source: 75% of retailers use a proactive strategy