By Jill Oshita,  A recent Forbes/HP survey of CMOs and business leaders found that 5 in 7 companies lack a clear engagement strategy. Only 1 in 10 of these leaders feel they will have cracked it in five years. The biggest issue for most? Identifying what aspects to focus on within an engagement strategy to drive long-term results.

Based on the survey findings HP asked best-selling authors Don Peppers & Martha Rogers Ph.D. and marketing visionary Seth Godin what it takes to master world-class customer engagement. These industry luminaries sat down with us and created a list of 10 key tips every business needs to know to build a foundation for customer-centric engagement. Their advice has been embraced by successful brands providing winning experiences, and now they are helping you to know where to focus your efforts and IT resources to compete for the hearts and minds of your customers.
10 Tips to Master Customer Engagement

Rethink your business processes

  1. Maximize the value of your customers.
    “Customers and their attention span are the only limited resource, so you need to maximize their value via engagement.” – Peppers & Rogers
  2. You will always lose the race to the bottom.
    “If your only way to compete with more trusted companies is by lowering prices, you will ultimately fail.” – Seth Godin
  3. View CRM as an investment, not an expense.
    “Racing to be the best in customer engagement isn’t cheap, but it is worth it.” – Seth Godin
    Renew your customer focus
  4. All businesses will be compared to the customer engagement leaders.
    “Customers will have more power in the future, and engagement leaders will create high customer expectations.” – Peppers & Rogers
  5. View your business as your customers do.
    “Leaders must be able to perform business functions and consider the customer’s perspective simultaneously to succeed at engagement.” – Peppers & Rogers
  6. Earning your customers’ trust is essential to success.
    “Without trust, customers will not engage with you, recommend you, or willingly return to you if they have alternatives.” – Peppers & Rogers
    Reset your technology view
  7. Care is the best practice and policy.
    “Customers will embrace companies that care about them, think of them and put their experience first.” – Seth Godin
  8. Customer engagement should be frictionless.
    “Companies should use technology to make conversations and the purchase process as easy as possible to appeal to the customer.” – Peppers & Rogers
  9. Gather information transparently and with permission.
    “People will give their information to a company if it benefits them, but they hate being surprised by companies that sneak around to gather data.” – Seth Godin
  10. Use lightweight and flexible technology to stay ahead of competitors.
    “Lightweight tools enable you to beat your competitor to market and give you the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing environments.” – Seth Godin

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