The use of humanoid robots, an IT system refresh and joined-up marketing are all contributing to Pizza Hut’s drive to boost its customers’ experience in restaurants and online.

In terms of digital innovation and use of online and mobile technology, Domino’s Pizza has been blazing a trail in the fast food space. Whether it’s one-click ordering, voice-activated purchases or tailored mobile push notifications to customers, the global food retailer is moving forward with a DevOps infrastructure.

For Pizza Hut, the customer-facing tech has arguably been less forthcoming. There are a number of ways, however, that Domino’s big rival is investing in its infrastructure to meet the needs of demanding, time-poor modern consumers.

Essential Retail has picked out five examples that show the restaurant chain is investing in and experimenting with new technology, in the name of the all-important customer experience.

Pizza Hut relies heavily on its IT systems to support chefs and kitchen staff providing meals for restaurant and takeaway customers alike, and this year it installed Box Technologies’ solutions for both kitchen and front-of-house tech operations.

The aim of the project was to install more flexible technology that would support the company’s existing software while providing independence from a proprietary software partner in the future. The Box 22-inch All-in-One touchscreen PC system placed in kitchens displays orders to chefs and helps them synchronise the cooking of dishes, while separate models of the equipment areĀ used for takeaway orders at the front of the restaurant or from a dedicated takeaway window, and are enabled to take payments.

The step up in size from the 14-inch touchscreens previously used have provided greater memory capacity and more display space, allowing Pizza Hut to have a better visibility of orders. Some 160 Pizza Hut restaurants now have Box systems in their cut areas, while 250 restaurants are using them at the front of house.

Will Broome, head of business systems at Pizza Hut, commented: “Box systems are now at the heart of our kitchen operations and have proved highly practical, carrying twice the amount of information compared to our previous screens.”

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