Increasingly, mobile retail technology is enabling high street retailers, particularly those involved with fashion, to engage with their customers in different ways. With this in mind, choosing the right technology – tablets, kiosks and digital signage – is vital for retailers looking to exceed what their online competitors are offering.

This means emulating elements of the online experience, such as stock availability, greater ease of ordering and payment, personalised recommendations, detailed information on products and alternative colours and styles.

Avoiding past mistakes
In the pursuit of providing this experience, it is crucial that retailers research their options before making a decision.

Three years ago, as retailers first began deploying mobile technology into their stores; many jumped the gun by installing iPads and Android tablets. Most of these retailers soon found that these devices brought many of their own flaws in-store: they had a tendency to break, were vulnerable to theft while being charged and became a drain on resources rather than providing customers with the convenience they have become accustomed to.

The Mobile Revolution
Despite past mistakes, retailers should not be deterred from embracing mobile technology. Multi-functional tablets specifically designed for the high street have since become readily available. These tablets are designed with an elegance that can match the aesthetics of even the most high-end fashion store, while also being durable and highly adaptable, utilising familiar operating systems such as Windows.

Armed with these tablets, sales associates can provide customers with the same product information they would find online, such as alternative colours and available sizes, as well as in-store promotions, without the need to abandon the customer on the shop floor to check for stock in a back room.

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