A key advantage drawing many consumers to the online marketplace is the mass amount of product information available at their fingertips, allowing shoppers to thoroughly research any product before taking out their wallets. Overcoming this challenge is crucial for physical retailers looking to get potential customers in the door and away from their online competitors.

Thankfully, physical retailers have exclusive access to a formidable weapon in the battle for shoppers’ pounds – the sales associate. Armed with product knowledge, sales associates can provide an enormous benefit to the overall shopping experience, sharing their expertise and making recommendations to customers.

On the other hand, unknowledgeable staff can be a major deterrent for shoppers, sending them and their pounds out the door and into a competitors shop.

Unfortunately, retailers can’t realistically expect their entire staff have all the answers and information customers want in their heads. Instead, retailers should look towards mobile technology, such as tablets, in order to ensure their sales associates always have the information they need on-hand.

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