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Cielo Onsite

At Box Technologies, we understand the hugely negative impact that downtime can have on your business operations, especially when this relates to mission-critical technology. As a result, we have developed our Cielo Onsite service – to minimise any unexpected downtime you might encounter.

What is Cielo Onsite?

Cielo Onsite provides a next working day (9am – 5.30pm) maintenance service as standard (Monday-Friday), with extended 7-day options available depending on your requirements. There are 1 year and 3 year service options available:

Cielo Onsite 1y – Monday-Friday / Monday-Sunday

Cielo Onsite 3y – Monday-Friday / Monday-Sunday

How does it work?

After the customer has diagnosed a hardware fault, a maintenance request is logged with Box Technologies at which point we will schedule one of our highly-skilled engineers to visit your site. When they arrive, the engineer will either repair the product on-site or organise a swap-out if the product is beyond repair.

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